Nicholas Samartis

Award winning international photographer Nicholas Samartis is an artist best known for his photographic artworks and portraiture. He has worked with many of the globe’s prestigious brands and clients including U.S Conde Nast, The New York Metropolitan Opera and during a 10-year tenure with American Vogue he photographed some of the world's most notable icons.
Among other awards and accolades, most recently, in 2014 Samartis was awarded 'The 'Pinnacle Award' for photography at The Australian Design Biennale, in 2015 he was featured in the Australian edition of Masters of Photography and in 2016 was selected as a finalist for the National Portrait Prize by The National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.
American Vogue’s Photo Director Ivan Shaw says, “Nicholas Samartis’ work fits seamlessly in the tradition of the great photographers. His pictures uphold the traditions of the classical portrait while at the same time express a modernity that makes them truly of the moment.”