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'Rhys Lee: Good Boy' at Olsen Gruin, New York

BLOUIN ARTINFO October 24, 2018

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Olsen Gruin is presenting Rhys Lee?s "Good Boy" through November 18. The exhibition features a collection of the Australian visual artist's latest works.

"From wrong-side-of-the-law graffiti kid to respected emerging talent, Melbourne based painter Rhys Lee's latest works are sumptuous, colorful canvases featuring carnivalesque figures against backgrounds of acidic yellow, sky blue, and washed out purple,? writes the gallery. Lee paints in a style described by art critic Edward Colless ? a long time supporter of the artist's work ? as ?hallucinogenic grotesque.? ?Lee paints with a freestyle energy that is still as spontaneous and brash as his graffiti roots, while his imagery has evolved into a captivating and emotionally nuanced bestiary of contemporary life,? says Colless. ?His washes and splatters of gelato colors can be exhilarating, but equally can be as subtle and poised as a ballet step...Working primarily in acrylics and enamel on canvas, Lee's paintings have evolved from gestural, illustrative works to rich, colorful pieces that explore pictorial space, defying, and diving into the third dimension," quoted from Australian Art Collector, 50 Most Collectable Artists ? Issue 35 January-March 2006.

Rhys Lee is an Australian visual artist who lives in Aireys Inlet, Victoria, Australia. Coming from a background of street art, Lee works in a range of media centring on painting with acrylics and oils. Rhys is represented by Karen Woodbury Gallery, Melbourne, Australia and is represented in a range of art collections that include: BHP Billiton, Bank of Switzerland, Artbank and the University of Queensland Art Museum. He was a finalist in the Archibald Prize in 2012.

Previously known as Olsen Irwin and Tim Olsen Gallery, Olsen Gallery was established in 1993 and exhibits a broad spectrum of Australian and international art, in the gallery, online, and at art fairs. With a continually changing exhibition calendar, the gallery showcases the work of both emerging and established artists. Olsen Gallery draws on international partnerships for the collection development of their private and institutional collectors.

The exhibition will be on view through November 18, 2018 at c, 30 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002, USA.

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.

Founder: Louise Blouin

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